What happened to Firefly?

April 6, 2017

‘What’s going on with Firefly?’

18 Months ago we fell pregnant, had no staff, no time and a business that demanded everything from us. So we put Firefly on the market in the hope of finding a balanced life. We found people who we thought wanted and loved Firefly a much as we did and gave them early access to our business before the sale was completed. Unfortunately, this arrangement fell through which has caused much upset and confusion for us, customers and our brand. We sincerely apologise for this.

This particular pursuit for happiness has been costly on many different levels for us but we have come to accept that selling Firefly was not the journey that we were meant to be on. Our goal of having a break, less stress, less pressure and ability to focus on our family needed to be achieved a different way.

Instead of finding direction during a long relaxing break on a remote island, we have accepted that life does not operate perfectly like that. Instead, we have found our direction amongst the chaos. We have changed since opening Firefly 6 years ago and we have changed since we had our daughter Willa. We want to catchup on implementing our dreams and goals. We want to make changes. And will use this as an opportunity. Whilst we cannot change the world, we can all change our small pocket. And we intend to be very loud in our small pocket.

In the society we live in there is constant struggle between our values, keeping a roof over our head, wanting to make a difference in the world and conforming to social norms. We want to shake this up.

The way the world consumes and eats needs to change. It needs to change so that our children can enjoy the world the way we do. Whilst we may not ever be perfect, we can all try. At least we can tell our children we tried to do something.

And most importantly, that we had a great time doing it along the way.

Little Seed is our new direction. It is everything we have been and more. Still everything made from scratch onsite, fresh local ingredients, Asher’s amazing flavours, warm service, an accepting space, awesome coffee and passion. But this time it is more conscious than it has ever been. Conscious of it’s effect on the world we live in. We want Little Seed to be a space that makes you ask questions about what you are eating, where it came from, what cost it had to a life or to the environment, what time and effort actually went into it by the chef and what it is doing to your body.

We don’t want you to eat at Little Seed because it is a plant-based restaurant, we want you to at Little Seed because the food is so friggen good.

We have been closed to make some changes inside and outside including creating space within the shop to accommodate having our baby at the shop with us – as this is important to us. We have also been making exciting décor changes, adding more vegetable gardens, menu and concept writing and more. We have so much passion and so many ideas we cannot wait to share with over the coming years.

Wow that was long – sorry! Now let’s move on! A little less about our crazy lives and more about the café! We will be getting more active on the social media front so keep a look out!