Toowoomba's Table

Toowoomba’s Table is a not-for-profit pay it forward, meal gift system run by Little Seed. Nourishing, wholesome and flavoursome meals will be prepared by Little Seed and given free of charge to those who are nominated. It is not a system restricted to the ideology that ‘the richer help the poorer’ but on the ideal of equity and that everyone has needs and needs help. It is local growers who are supplying a local restaurant who make local meals with passion in a socially responsible way and feed it to local people who may not have been able to do so otherwise. The mission of Toowoomba’s Table is to build a community undefined and unlimited in its potential. Where interactions between strangers can better the lives of those involved and improve the lives of everyone around them. It is using the power of food choices to heal many world issues that we face today.

Meals can be organised for Wednesday-Sundays. We will require 24 hours notice to fulfill nominations.  Until we organise and grow our volunteer delivery team, the person nominating will need to collect the meals and drop it the person/family.

We hope that as nominations are fulfilled, donations will continue to be received so that we can keep up with the nominations.

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Anyone can nominate. Anyone can be nominated.

How can I nominate? Email with your request including how many people you need fed.

How can I contribute? You can donate on our website or in the restaurant. 


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