Join Little Seed Chef, Asher , as he holds an empowering space for you to learn and engage with cooking. His classes have a particular focus on:
Flavour & Simplicity
Plant-Based Nutrition & Health
Sustainable Kitchen & Gardens
Community, Family & Connection

Classes are small, informal and relaxed. They cater for any level of ability or confidence level. Classes are all vegan and gluten free based.

Basics Class: Learn how to make gluten free, vegan and oil free yumminess such as chickpea flatbread, falafel, hummus, mayo, macadamia cheese, nutritious smoothie bowls & salads, eat everything as you go!   $90 Per Person 5:30pm Thursday 3rd May

Bakes Class: Learn how to make a vegetable lasagne, pasta bake and lentil balls in massaman curry – all gluten free and vegan! Take your work home with you. $85 Per Person 2pm-4pm Sunday 27th May

Nutritious Meal Prep: Learn how to prepare nutritious and balanced meals that you can make your week a whole easier, tastier and healthier! Take your prep home! Class includes taking home 9 meals for the days following the class! Cooking is all gluten free, plant-based vegan and oil free. $120 Sunday 20th May 2:30-4:30pm.