Our Food

Little Seed is a plant based cafe restaurant specialising in healthy, tasty, fresh & wholesome food in a warm and accepting space. We pride ourselves in providing a quality product and service and staying true to our values.

The goal of our menu and what we are doing is to provide enjoyment for our guests but to also encourage our guests to think about what they are putting in their bodies. What is it doing to my body? What impact did it have on the environment so I can be eating it? Was there any suffering to life so that I can be eating this? Is it tasty? Did care go into preparing this meal? Is this the most sustainable way to be eating? These are the questions we ask ourselves when preparing your food. We are a conscious cafe taking responsibility for it’s impact on people and the environment.

Little Seed has only a small team including the working owners. The owners Jess and Asher are passionate about providing a space that feels like you are at their family home for a meal.

We look forward to sharing Little Seed with you. We are open 9am-9pm Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

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Take Home

Have you been looking for at home meals that are convenient but don’t cost your health or the environment? Enter Little Seed Take Home Meals. Convenient, local & fresh that doesn’t cost your health or the environment.

100% Oil Free, Vegan & Gluten Free

Here is the current menu, info & pricing Home Ready Meals