Toowoomba's Table

We are raising money to launch our community not for profit project Toowoomba’s Table. Please scroll down to learn more about Toowoomba’s Table



What is Toowoomba's Table

Our family opened Little Seed in April 2017 with a vision to provide our customers with restaurant quality, nutritious and really, really yummy food in a friendly and welcoming space. We wanted our customers to feel at home, to welcome them into our space and our hearts, for them to relax, open their hearts and to share conversation and fellowship over the simple act of eating and sharing good food.

Balancing ambition alongside our ethics, we wanted to incorporate a socially conscious and sustainable approach to eating alongside economic investment in Toowoomba, the town which has supported us from the very beginning. Keeping true to the promises we made to ourselves, we have committed to sourcing produce from local families such as Birdsong Market Garden or philanthropic enterprises such as the Mulberry Project – businesses who provide us with fresh, tasty, chemical-free, seasonal fruit and veggies whilst enriching us, our business and the community, and further contributing to supporting smaller industry in the region.

From sourcing our produce, to reducing our carbon footprint, we are proud of our transparency and our business ethics – as we are passionate about the cause and want to be held accountable in all aspects of what we do. Our food is plant-based and gluten free, we compost, use environmentally friendly consumables, have vegetable gardens, and a few worm farms. We even recycle our soft plastic on site! We do this because we know that small actions, such as this has a knock-on effect for our planet and reduces waste going to landfill. This has paid off, as since implementing these practices we have reduced our general landfill waste by 70% in comparison to our previous business. Our goal is to one day have our own carbon-neutral and zero waste restaurant that has been funded by community so that we can offer as many services and food as we can with minimal overheads.

We know our endeavour has not gone unnoticed and the love and support we feel is palpable – recognising many regular faces each week whilst continuing to make new friends and customers. Outside of Toowoomba, recognition for what we do is growing – recent features Channel 7’s The Great Day Out, positives reviews in the Courier Mail and a recent feature in Delicious Magazine has reinforced that we are on the right path, that people like what we do and that we have a prosperous future ahead of us.

More recently we have opened our kitchen to hordes of eager home cooks, wanting to know the secrets of Asher’s creamy mayonnaise or how to plan and prep a Christmas feast. The launch of our home ready meals has also been a triumph with many regular customers choosing us to help them meet their fitness, health or nutrition goals.

We have always seen Little Seed as the beginning of something greater; a platform that we can use to help contribute back into our community and society at large. A dream for us is to offer our passion, services and products for free. To express this desire in the form of a food gift system. That anyone can access. A system that feeds local people, nutritious food grown by local people and prepared by local people. This concept will be called Toowoomba’s Table. Toowoomba’s Table will exist through your donations and sponsorship opportunities. Every single dollar will go directly towards a meal being paid forward. We aim to raise as much money as possible for the start up stage so that this initiative and its community can thrive.

We believe by planting this little seed of hope, we have the potential to grow something big, with unlimited potential – something that can change this town and can be mirrored outwardly. The sky really is the limit. Our hearts are big and our goals are huge but we believe in our customers, our community and in people just like you that want to be a part of something else, something bigger.

The mission of Toowoomba’s Table is to build a community undefined and unlimited in its potential. Where interactions between strangers can better the lives of those involved and improve the lives of everyone around them – not by an ethos of handouts, but through the ideology of equity as we wholeheartedly believe that we all have something to contribute and will do so given the chance. No matter who you are, your background or your social status, we all need to eat, which provides common ground for us to connect, nourish our minds and bodies to grow. Our goal is for Toowoomba’s Table to become the most socially and culturally diverse community possible and can be used / reflected/ replicated as a model of hope, compassion and possibility for other cities and communities. We all come to the table as equals.

Nourishing, wholesome and flavoursome meals will be prepared by Little Seed and delivered to those who are nominated. It is not a system restricted to the ideology that ‘the richer help the poorer’ but on the ideal of equity and that everyone has needs and needs help. Your contribution goes directly to the costs of providing food gifts to our local community. You are supporting local growers who are supplying a local restaurant who make local meals with passion in a socially responsible way and feed it to local people who may not have been able to do so otherwise.

We will share a bi-monthly newsletter updating everyone on the REAL difference they are making to lives in our community. We also hope people who receive the food may choose to contribute to something else and we will build a network of contacts to point them in the right direction. This is not just for people who can’t afford food, this is for people who may need connection, support or are time poor. We will rely on nominations and aim to fulfill all requests only limited by the funds in the kitty. This will allow for a non-discriminatory process of who is able to nominate and who can receive it. We urge you to consider who in your network would benefit from this Love as everybody is worthy.

This initiative is a positive way to address many issues with in our community and globally through:

– Assisting families struggling financially or experiencing internal or external pressures who may not have the luxury to prepare wholesome and nutritious meals. This may lead to consuming fast food from global chains which simply supports global companies and global environmental damage at the expense of the family’s health and well-being.

– Fostering connection with food, the kitchen and each other amongst lifestyles that have become busier and stressful

– Fostering knowledge and awareness around the importance of eating chemical free and buying local. Educating people on how the way in which we choose to eat contributes to many issues such as health, global warming and community.

– Fostering awareness around evidence-based research on factory farming and the broken food chain.

– Assisting the many people who aren’t comfortable at reaching out for help as they may believe someone else is more worthy

– Providing local, wholesome, balanced, tasty meals for our community